Wednesday, December 13, 2006
The past week or so when I wanted to (a) delay writing my final papers or (b) chill out after writing for many hours, I would read Jonathan Franzen's The Discomfort Zone. Franzen is the author of a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic book called The Corrections. I highly recommend both.

While I was reading, my new it-song of 2006 Baby's Got It In The Genes (Roman Candle) kept running through my head. Not because the words were anything alike but because the reason I like both works is because of the style. Both Franzen and Roman Candle tell me all the details I never knew I needed to know. When Franzen writes I think, "yes...of course...of course you were wearing ripped jeans...and of course the rug looked like that...and yes. yes! that is exactly what adolescence was like." And Roman Candle..."of course you bought raisins and a baby ruth...because that's what you do when you mourn a lost love. Obviously...."

And really...really?...when you reflect back on circumstances from your own remember those needless, mundane details...those details that turn out to be really important. And I appreciate artists who know that. And they share those details with us. And their stuff doesn't sound like some 13 year old's livejournal.

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Blogger Kourtney said...

did you maybe want to bring this book home with you?!?! ;)

Blogger kristen said...

wellll...have you read the corrections yet?!

and is a library book

Blogger Kourtney said...

is it a library book??????

Blogger kristen said...


there are these places you can go...and check out you don't have to buy them...and clutter up your bookcases.

Blogger Kourtney said...

A) I don't have a Library Card here because I have not changed my license and B) I was asking if YOUR book was a library book.

Don't be a punk :)

Blogger kristen said...

yes, my book is a library book which is why i said "maybe i would bring it home. it is a library book"

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