Friday, December 15, 2006
Holiday Break!
We start the long drive to Michigan tonight. I am excited because it means one more hellish semester is behind me and I have two weeks of family, relaxation and mental recess. I won't work on school stuff until after the New Year save for a syllabus I need to write for next semester.

Instead, I will read and watch movies. And watch Central Michigan University play in a BOWL GAME. YES. A BOWL GAME.

I have lists...I love lists...

Other Voices, Other Rooms (Capote)
Work Freak (Fatsis)
Middlesex (Eugenides)
The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath (um...Plath)

Movies: (We may spend a small fortune on movies this month)
Marie Antoinette (I hope it is still out there somewhere...)
The Queen
The Holiday
Factory Girl
Little Children
The Good Shepard
The Good German
Miss Potter

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Blogger Kourtney said...

ooh ahh....wish you were a chippewa...ooh aah shoulda been a chippewa :)

Blogger unseenspleen said...


Have you seen "The Good German Shepherd"? I hear it's good. He rolls over and everything.


Blogger Kourtney said...

did you quit yours?

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