Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Testing the Waters
Well.....Hillary stated yesterday that she was "going to go for this thing." The thing being the presidency. She's jumping in...and with all the money she already has, she's jumping in head first.

I don't know, folks. I want to be happy. I want to get fully behind her. I want to yell "YEAR OF THE WOMAN....HEAR US ROAR!" I love Bill. I love Hillary. (I even love Chelsea...because...really?? Good for her for getting through those really awkward years of adolescence while being watched by the whole country. ) I write about Hillary. And read about Hillary. I feel like I KNOW Hillary. I think she is strong, capable, smart and sassy. I'm not even really that bothered by her previous pro-war stance because I think she's revoked it. And I think reflection and "flipping and flopping" in a politician is refreshing and welcomed. I appreciate her ability to admit she was wrong and her willingness to work bi-partisanly (is that a word?!) to fix this mess. And I'm slightly bothered by her (very) moderate abortion position as of late but I'm willing to look past it because I know she is still pro-choice and I know that she is better than than the alternative.

But this is the thing...I don't want the baggage. The Clinton baggage. Because, the fact is...that for as many people who love Hillary and Bill...there are just as many who passionately despise them. That's the baggage. You know it's there. You know that there are people who will sandbag her...dig up ridiculous stuff on her...and distract from the message she has to spread. We (as Democrats) don't need distraction. We don't. We've had it...we've succumbed to it...and we've been beaten by it.

I'm not skittish because of Obama. Because I don't believe it is his time either. I am hopeful about the guy. Excited about his future. But it isn't his time. Too soon. I don't want him to waste his time.

I may be a little skittish because I am still holding out hope for Al Gore. You people know I love me some Al Gore. (and Kos says Gore is the only one who can derail the Obama train) I also love me some John Edwards. That ticket excites me. Excites me so much I would take a year off from dissertating and stump all over the country. I believe in those two men. And right now. RIGHT. NOW. well....I just don't have that hope for Hillary. But the election season is young. And, like I said, I'm okay with flipping and flopping.



Blogger bethany said...

I share your love for Al Gore, and your concerns about Hillary. Here are a few things that make me hopeful about H. Clinton as a candidate:
1) Bill managed to get elected (twice) in spite of numerous sex scandals. Perhaps Hillary too can transcend the baggage? Especially since the most recent baggage cast her as victim.
2) Hillary is, in many ways, the Anti-Bush. And in 2008, the Anti-Bush might be the best possible candidate to run.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thoughts in my head just a min ago: "Don't click on Delightfully Dawgmatic because there will not be an update...she has papers to write. Oh who are you trying to kid there WILL BE an update because she has papers to write!"

OH look....another update :)

Blogger earls said...

Hey Kristen,

Longtime reader, infrequent poster. Curious about your love for Edwards. What do you love about him? I like the guy and voted for him in the primaries last time, but he's a one-term Senator w/out many legislative triumphs who has seemingly jumped around the ideological spectrum during his short time on the national stage. Though I'll pledge my support to him if you guys decide on an Orange Bowl trip (note: reserve the right to not follow thru on this)


Blogger kristen said...


How bout you just come to Athens for New Years...and attend our big ass orange bowl party!

Re: Edwards: (a) i don't think he has been all over the place ideologically. he's told a pretty consistent story about class and poverty (almost ad nauseum). and (b) i like where he is at right now. same analysis for him as with hillary in terms of the war. four years ago, he was wrong. but he is right on now and i appreciate his willingness to stray from the course and fix the mess that he helped create.

and on a really basic level...i think he is electable. he is authentic, likable and intelligent w/out being stuffy. so, in the "game" of politics, he is a winner.

i also like his wife and his family. he is a winner.

Anonymous drew said...

he's dreamy.

Blogger earls said...

The first four years Edwards was in the Senate, he had a National Journal average vote rating of 75%, which was squarely in the middle of the Democratic caucus ideologically (Kerry and Kennedy in the mid-90s and Hillary in the low-80s by comparison).

Then, prepping for '04, he geared up his "two Americas" rhetoric and his voting record became subsequently very liberal (2003 score of 93 or 95 or something). Since then he's definitely been a great advocate for the poor and I really like his stump speech, but it's definitely not in line with how he first emerged as a moderate Southern Senator.

Blogger kristen said...

Yes..but I have no problem with where Edwards began...I look for where he is NOW. It is normal for politicians to evolve and change. Especially in those first few years-they have to balance their political philosophy with that of their constituents. Southern democrats have a tough time, I think. But recently (and when articulating his national policies), I align pretty much dead on with him...

I'm glad you've dropped the Orange Bowl stuff :)

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