Saturday, December 09, 2006
A Visual Argument
With the semester coming to a close and everyone traveling to their respective homes in different states for our holiday break, we got together last night to let our hair down. We needed a break from the work and wanted to have one more crazy night in Athens in 06.

We danced, we sang, and we played our favorite game. The photographer yells out something, you act it out and they snap a picture. Last night we were: frying bacon, koala bears, triceratops and....are you ready?....


Best. picture. ever.

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Blogger Kourtney said...

So happy to see the pictures that went with the stories you were telling me. Can't wait to come to GA and play the game sometime soon!!!! (MLK?) I might be bad though, the pic with you all "frying bacon" I would have actully been frying bacon...not the bacon that was frying (or were you? You all looked like bacon rolling around :)

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