Thursday, January 04, 2007
Cautiously Optimistic

Dear Internets:

I am as excted as all my other lefty, feminist, fed up friends with the change today. But not only am I (by nature) a downer, I am also a realist. So I feel it is my personal responsibility to extend a warning-- we need to DO SOMETHING to change so many things in Washington. We cannot mess this up and let our country slide further and further into the pit of grossness we see all around us--and god forbid let 08 slip through our fingers.* I can already hear the campaign lines...."The democrats have had 2 years to set the national agenda...and they have failed."**

Please don't let us down Nancy/Harry, et al. I hope that you really pursue the minimum wage...and tuition loan rates...and prescription drugs...and bipartisanship. But if something should need to be tossed, please let it be the latter and not any of the former. Be respectful? Yes. Be compromising? No.

Thank you.

* Because if it is up to McCain we'll probably send 100,000 troops in 09 which by my estimation means I'll have to go to Iraq....or Canada....either option would really piss me off.
**If this soundbite gets used by anyone on the side of evil in 08, I'd like credit please.



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