Sunday, January 14, 2007
Free time+marriage=cooking from scratch
Pyrohy: Ukrainian equivalent of ravioli; a dough pocket filled with potato

Drew and I both grew up eating pyrohy (only since I lived near Pittsburgh, I called them perogies). Since it is the beginning of our semester and a three day weekend, Drew and I had a little free time on our hands.* We decided to put our culinary artistry to the test and make our favorite food. We normally eat good ole Mrs. T's (in bulk) but figured we could at least attempt to make them from scratch.

I'm not really sure why...we don't make anything from scratch. Actually, we don't really make anything. Buuuuut it is 2007 and we are two crazy kids.

Step One: The dough

*skipping lots of boring steps in between*

Step Twenty: Complete Pyrohy (all stuffed and ready to be cooked)

To toot our own horn (may I do that?)....we did VERY well. Check it out!

Final Step: Sautee! Yummy!

*And by free time I mean we wanted to procrastinate.
**More pictures found at my shutterfly account on the right.

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Blogger Kourtney said...

Yummy...what are you cooking for me when I am there?!?!?!

Blogger Sarah said...

Wow, those look really yummy:) And by the way, those yellow pants are cute!

Blogger Lesley said...

mmmm. pyrohy.

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