Sunday, January 21, 2007
Jimmy Carter comes to Athens
A few months ago, we were happy houring at our favorite spot in Athens. I saw a guy who looked like Jimmy Carter and he was drinking the same beer as me. Thinking this was surely fate, I approached him and we spoke for over an hour. He wasn't Jimmy Carter but he was this guy so it all worked out. So yeah...I met Bob Ryan who looks like Jimmy Carter and drinks the same beer as me....he was in Athens covering our homecoming and wrote a lovely piece about Athens and UGA. Unfortunately, he never even mentions me and I was very sad when the article came out. I got over it. Barely.

Three months after my fateful meeting with Ryan, I actually saw Jimmy Carter. IN. PERSON. Um....ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod....

The University of Georgia hosted The Carter Presidency this weekend. I didn't attend the whole conference but I did wait in line for over two hours to get into the free town hall meeting.

And after many hours in line I saw JIMMY AND ROSALYNN. And it was exciting. I actually saw them walking into the conference room (from a distance) and I got so excited I started waving the back of their heads. But I couldn't help it. It was so, so, so weird to see them up close and personal. And it was even more crazy to hear them answering questions and talking openly about their thoughts and concerns about our current political landscape. The questions weren't particularly good (most people just wanted to rant about his book--I do live in a red state after all...even if it is HIS red state...) but I loved every minute of it.

Brian Williams was the moderator. He was great....he also asked the best question of the evening-- "What is one piece of history you want to impart on us that you've never shared before?" The answer was a moving story from the Camp David Accords. Moving. I'm talking tears.
The thing I loved the most was how he looked at her. They are in love. Really in love. And that is perhaps the most charming thing about them.

As you can imagine, the event drew a lot of press. Not only the local/Atlanta newspapers but C-SPAN as well. C-SPAN. Live feed the whole weekend. Well, Drew got interviewed by the paper and my sister was on C-SPAN (multiple times as my mother keeps reminding me). It is Bob Ryan all over again.....

More photos from the event at my shutterfly account.



Blogger Kourtney said...

Yes, but who was on TV??! ;)

Blogger kristen said...

What part of "my sister was on C-SPAN" don't you understand?!?! You don't even know C-SPAN is t.v. do you?!!? Oh the unfairness of life.

Blogger Kourtney said...

hahaha I just wanted to remind you again....I was on not once but MANY times ;)

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