Sunday, January 28, 2007
Love it

LOVE is an album where several of the Fab Four's greatest songs were remixed, remade and adapted for a great show put on stage by Le Cirque du Soleil.

Don't let the Cirque Soleil reference deter you. This album is amazing. I know that I already posted about my top 06 music but if I could go back I would add this to the list. Unfortunately, I didn't actually purchase it until 2007. I cannot stop listening to it. Amazing.

If I may suggest...start with the Blackbird/Yesterday combo and then move to Eleanor Rigby/Julia selection. Take a nice drink of wine and sigh...happiness. So, so, so lovely.

I should note that I am not a purist. I get down with the I Am Sam soundtrack. I like the lyrics and the rhythm of the songs more than the voices singing them. So, I enjoy the songs no matter what their adaptation. BUT! my mom is a purist (in all aspects of life) and was the one that recommended the album.



Blogger Bob K said...

This is Bethany's Dad - I'm a long-time Beatles fan and I think this album is fantastic. You can read about my love for "Love" in my blog post about it here:

Blogger Bob K said...

I can't resist another comment - did you listen with headphones?

Blogger kristen said...

you know...i haven't. BUT my husband is always trying to get me to listen to music with headphones. he says it makes everything sound better! would this REALLY sound better?!

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