Monday, January 08, 2007
Out of Touch v.1
Since 9/11, the U.S. has devoted over 400 billion dollars to "global terror operations." We've also emited 6 billion metric tons of CO2 in the last year. Meanwhile....

Azizgul is 10 years old, from the village of Houscha in western Afghanistan. This year the wheat crop failed again following a devastating drought. Her family was hungry. So, a little before Christmas, Azizgul's mother 'sold' her to be married to a 13-year-old boy.
'I need to sell my daughters because of the drought,' said her mother Sahatgul, 30. 'We don't have enough food and the bride price will enable us to buy food. Three months ago my 15-year-old daughter married.

While the world has focused on the war against the Taliban, the suffering of the drought-stricken villagers, almost 2.5 million of them, has largely gone unnoticed. And where once droughts would afflict Afganistan once every couple of decades, this drought has come hard on the heels of the last one, from which the villagers were barely able to recover.

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But at least we're fighting the Taliban and driving our SUV's....



Anonymous peter said...

So are you saying that we should start buying their women? Or was this more of a "look what is happening in the world" than a "i bet they have great after-Christmas sales!" post?

Blogger Matthew said...

tree hugger!...just kidding. I find it really interesting that the right has managed to turn issues regarding the environment into "fringe" issues, and label every one who cares about our air as "soft" and "weak". When you really think about it-its quite impressive-almost to the level that any one who does not support the war is not a patriot. Its really incredible.

Blogger Kourtney said...

Nice Peter.....nice

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