Sunday, January 14, 2007
Some words about things you don't care about
I interrupt this regularly scheduled dogmatic blogging to bring you...FLUFF!

Ok, I delusional or are these pants actually cute?

I really can't tell. They are either cute or not cute. Either sunny or blinding. Either butternut or, well, butternut.

....Butternut? Let's not mention that again....

Have I been living in the south too long? You know--the SOUTH. The place where people where lots of pink...and embroidered pants. And lots of seersucker. Looots. Try to picture me walking around in Michigan in these pants. Picture it.
Survey says?

Ugly? Cute?



Anonymous alison said...

drew had those pants in 1985

Blogger Sarah said...

i vote for super cute;)

Blogger Kourtney said...

HAHAHA Alison is funny :) You could wear them with your boots!

Anonymous I should be reading Things... said...

Yes. Cute, or perhaps I have as well fallen prey to the Southern Deluded Fashion Monster. But, it seems as though they would look good on you... you have the JCrew body. And, you could dress them down with a nice little black and white striped number:) Ah... fashion perfected!

Blogger erika said...

i would say cute. and i will take a guess and say they are j. crew. if they are, then cute, because j. crew likes to walk that fine line between cute and questionable.

Blogger kristen said... are so right...which is why i love them...i also walk the line of questionable and cute!

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