Thursday, February 15, 2007
Gender Trouble
I love this! 68 year old New Zealand lawyer Rob Moodie (who changed his name to Miss Alice) says he's hanging up his dress for good. The male attorney has been dressing for court in women's clothes. It was his way of protesting the "old boys network" of New Zealand's court system. Unfortunately, yesterday, he was found in contempt of court and fined a large amount of money. He was held in contempt for circulating documents pertaining to a case. The report he released concerned a fatal 1994 collapse of a bridge built by the Army on his clients' property. The report put most of the blame on the military, not on his clients.

After the contempt ruling, Moodie has vowed to quit law altogether.

One of New Zealand's most prominent lawyers and a former policeman, Moodie began wearing women's clothing in court in July to protest what he said was male-dominated corruption in the country's judicial system. 'It's a culture of intimidation, authority, power and control,' said the one-time rugby player and father of three who continued to wear a moustache. 'The deeper the cover-up, the prettier the frocks,' he said. 'I prefer and relate to the gender which is involved in the creation and nurturing of life, giving, sharing and also, I believe, fairness.'



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