Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Growing up, I was a nerd (surprise!). I had all the nerdy qualities...loved school, wore glasses, joined clubs called 'Word Masters' and 'Odyssey of the Mind,' attended debate camp, had limbs that were slightly too long for my body and therefore moved in a slightly awkward way...do you have clear a mental picture? A NERD.

I wasn't a dork, however. Dorks were socially inept and had braces. I never had braces and I have some social skills. I got asked to prom and went on dates. Also, dorks liked science fiction and played video games (at least in my school and I bet in yours as well...I'm pretty sure that you can like science fiction and not be a dork...but all dorks like science fiction. Don't they? Think about it. Yep, they do). Obviously I mean to ill-will to the dorks out there (some of my best readers may have been dorks...I can't say for sure).

I abhor science fiction. I don't even really like fantasy fiction all that much (except for Roald Dahl. I love Roald Dahl). And I don't play video games. Ever. The only video game I have played since the original Nintendo is poker. I've played poker...once (granted I played it for ONE very long time and then returned it as I was preeeetty sure I was addicted to poker. not the video game but the gambling game.) ....on a video game system. I don't even really know what that video game system is. It is either an X box or a Sega or something...You get the idea. I don't do video games.




We went to our friend Ammon's and I played the wonderful WII. Um. HELLO. Howfunisthisthing?! The player holds a remote that has a censor and moves your character as you move. So you don't have to mess with all the buttons and remember what button does what and at what time. Instead, if you want to swing at the tennis ball, you swing your arm. And it is awesome.

A total phenomenological experience. You are IN the game. It is crazy. Crazy good.

However, this does not make me a dork. Nope. You know why? Because I'm really, really bad. So, I won't be playing often. I tend not to frequent activities at which I fail. And, um, I still have those limbs that are awkward and too long for my body.

Translation: I swing at the tennis balls and I miss (more than) half the time.

But that's okay....



Blogger erika said...

i have not played yet but i hear the wii is a great work out! personally, i find my addiction to be guitar hero. try it. love it.

Blogger Kourtney said...

um braces do not mean nerd punk! We might have had to wear them but at least we don't have teeth that are chipping now ;)

Blogger kristen said...

i know. it makes you a dork.

Blogger Cagney Gentry said...

I am filing a complaint through The Brace Wearers Association, for comments made on this website that may be insensitive to the highly peresecuted race of Tin Grins.

Blogger J. Ammon said...

Hey Kristen. I read your entire blog. The whole thing. I enjoy reading your witty stream of consciousnessesesses. I'm glad the Wii made you blog.

Blogger Peppermint Gomez said...

Do tell me, how far are you along in reading the original texts of The Lord Of The Rings?

When you are done you and Beldo can talk and wear your movie prop rings to the next Harry Potter movie.

Yes, he actually has one.


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