Thursday, March 08, 2007
Down with Sexism
Blog Against Sexism Day

So here I am blogging against sexism...


Blogging against sexism is hard. Hard because sexism is almost impossible to define and explain. Sexism is linked to so many other manifestations of power and domination and hegemony. It involves gender, sexuality and empowerment issues. And I have a lot to say. So much to say that I can't say it.

Hmmmm...That's problematic.

I try to point to lots of instances of sexism everyday. And I talk a lot about the challenges of feminism and the challenges of being a feminist. I hope you've all been listening.

So to start...I'm going to point you to a lot of different resources. The answer to sexism/discrimination/hate/misogyny is dialogue and education. And, um, blogs are good for both. So are books.

Go, go gadget feminists.....


Feminist Authors and Projects:
* Judith Halberstam
* bell hooks
* Judith Butler
*Monique Wittig

And some non-scholarly stuff....
*Carson McCullers
*Zora Neale Hurston
*Toni Morrison
*Anna Quindlen
*Jane Austen

And some movies....
* Maria Full of Grace
* Magdelene Sisters
* Boys Don't Cry (lots of gender/sexuality/violence issues)
* Vera Drake (and we think we have it tough fighting for emergency contraception)
* North Country



Blogger erika said...

i love!
i hope your dentist appointment was less-than-traumatizing.
and have a great vacation!

Blogger kristen said...

Erika! Traumatizing doesn't even begin to cover it! I'll tell you about it sometime...

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