Monday, March 26, 2007
I'm Never Getting Work Done Again
You guys. The celebrity gossip website TMZ is planning a DC EDITION.

As you probably know TMZ relies on freelance photographers to photos of celebs. They pay dearly for cell phone photos and videos of stars at their worst. We have TMZ to thank for the tape of Michael Richard's tirade and many assorted bathing suit shots and clips of celebs being pulled over.

But now they are moving into the nation's capital and I can't help but think they'll be many other things to capture on film that goes beyond bathing suits.

Lots of DC'ites are claiming that TMZ is too lowbrow for the beltway. I wasn't aware that anything was too lowbrow for is already getting harder and harder to keep secrets in DC. TMZ is going to make it even harder. I think the site will start with pictures of staffers and senators acting inappropriately but I think that eventually it will spill over into many other areas.

Can't. Wait.



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