Sunday, March 04, 2007
Nicely Played: Elizabeth Edwards
John Edwards has done a lot of great things in his life and I'm sure he'll do a lot more. However, I can't help but think the best thing he's done is asking Elizabeth to marry him. I've talked before about how much I love her. And she keeps on keeping on...she has been fundamental in gaining the netroots support of her husband and really has mastered the virtual political game. Yesterday she issued this response to Ann Coulter's attack on Edwards. (Coulter's comments)

It isn't as much a response to Coulter as it is to hate speech. I particularly enjoy this analysis:

We are all sick and tired of anyone supporting or applauding or introducing hate words into the national dialogue, tired of people thinking that words that cause others pain are fair game. And we are sick and tired of people like Miss Coulter thinking that her use of loaded words about the homosexual community in this country is remotely humorous or appropriate.

As those close to me know, even the word "gay" gets to me. I continuously ask people what about the object they just called gay has "homosexual tendencies" or if they "ever call anything good gay" (they don't). I spend many days in class talking about harmful language with my students and ethical considerations as a public speaker.

Not only am I horrified that Coulter used such inappropriate language. But I am horrified that she was allowed to speak at a national political event (remember--she's already done this once in reference to Gore) and that those in the audience laughed and continued to listen to what she had to say. (laughed?! you know what isn't funny? jokes about rehab and homosexuals...hers had both)

So you can vote for the people who were sitting in the audience or you can vote for the people who speak out against this type of hate speech.



Blogger QuakerDave said...

I was watching on CSPAN when Ms. KKKoulter said what she said. No one in that room booed or heckled her or shouted her down. They laughed, and some clapped.

Ms. Edwards is indeed the bomb. And frankly, I think Mr. Edwards and Mr. Obama would make a fine running pair.


Mr. Edwards should come out in favor of gay marriage. (So should Obama.) His (and his wife's) outrage over this act of gay bashing would be enhanced by this move. His outrage alone is not enough.

BTW, at this same gathering last year, Ms. KKKoulter used the term "ragheads" to refer to Muslims. No one booed then, either.

Blogger kristen said...

All good points...

I think Edwards will get there. Elizabeth is in favor of gay marriage and I've been appreciative (although I don't agree) with Edwards honesty that he has been wrestling with it.

We can hold out hope.

I would def. be on board with the Edwards/Obama ticket!

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