Sunday, March 25, 2007
Reign Over Me
Given the absence of blogging, you may have assumed I've quit my blog. But I haven't! YEY! I've just been living it up here in the ATH.

My lovely husband and I even went to see a movie on Saturday. A real! live! movie!

Reign Over Me

I have a little bit of a crush on serious Adam Sandler. I'm ho-hum on crazy, funny Adam Sandler. Mostly I just wonder why he wastes his time doing crap (Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison aside) when he is a very talented guy. I really enjoyed Punch Drunk Love. And although (my boy) Philip Seymour Hoffman made that movie, I thought Sandler was fantastic. He does awkward, discontent, and borderline crazy SO WELL. So. Well.

This movie is another fantastic example of Sandler's ability. His character is funny, charming and very broken. The script is great. The dialogue is moving without being trite. And it is about 9/11 without being about 9/11 (thank god).

I'd give this movie a 7/10. I would rate it much higher (IMDB has it at a 7.8 right now) except for two things--it moved a little slow at parts and Jada Pinkett Smith's character was pretty bad.

However, it is a very moving film with a great soundtrack. You should go see it. And cry in your popcorn.



Blogger bethany said...

thanks for the reccomendation. I generally like anything that features comedic actors in dramatic roles - including Adam Sandler in Punch-Drunk and Spanglish, and Jim Carey in The Truman Show. I don't know why they bother being stupid.

Blogger Privatjokr said...

Spanglish was awful.

Adam Sandler was awful in Spanglish.

I do not consider Punch Drunk Love to be "serious Adam Sandler" because of the off-beat nature of the film. It was just the most serious role he had on his resume, but it still relied on him being essentially just as "wacky" as he is in the comedies, but only as a seriously disturbed man rather than just playing an idiot. Spanglish and now this are the two that fit that category for me. Oh, and 50 first dates...(gross).

Blogger kristen said...

Look at peter being all dogmatic!

1. i didn't much care for spanglish (but i know lots of people that did so stand proud, bethany). but it was lots of family bonding for the shermeta family!

2. punch drunk love is certainly way more serious than "normal" adam sandler...yes, he was off-beat and wacky..JUST as he is in this movie. he is very funny in this movie but still represents a man in pain.

3. there is a totally different feel to punch drunk/reign over me than there is to billy madison. there is more sophistication and complexity as opposed to slapstick and idiocy.

Blogger Cagney Gentry said...

While their is a difference (as referred to in point three) I sometimes get the feeling that his comic roles and his dramatic roles are not far removed. His comic shtick has always been characters so caught up inside their own head and their own world they can not function in the real world, which was the same type of character he played in Punch and Reign. Neither of which I have seen btw, so maybe I don't count.

Blogger kristen said...

Ok, this blog has hit a new low--people debating about things they haven't seen! ;) I kid, I kid...I've been a lot lower.

ANYWAY...I agree that Sandler's comedy is different than many of the straight-up (completely) stupid slapstick. HOWEVER, Peter points to 50 first dates and I could add many others that prove that Sandler isn't always "deep." But in Punch Drunk and Reign, he is most definately showcasing a depth that we don't see elsewhere. In addition, I would prefer the deep comedrama as opposed to just comedy.

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