Sunday, March 18, 2007
Spring Break 2007 Part II: Chicago
I love March. I love March Madness, St. Patrick's Day, spring, and spring break. But by now, my spring break is spring broke (little giggle at that joke). *le sigh* It was a good week while it lasted.

Drew and I (along with our friend Ammon) headed to Chicago for a few days this week to visit our sisters. I ate lots of good food, saw many old friends and did a ton of shopping. I have pictures of exactly none of it. But I did photograph debauchery. Lots. Because you know what happens when you go visit two hott ladies who live a crazy life in the city? Debauchery. Lots.

Besides all the family goodness that occurred, the highlight of the trip was the Soupbox. Peoples, I love soup. Very much. This place is awesome. A bar of soup. You could try all sorts of different soups. Combine soups. I never wanted to leave. But I did. I combined the Baked Potato with the Cheese Beer. MMMMMM.

Here's my sister, Kourtney. She likes when I post pictures of her on the Internets.

More pictures in the Shutterfly.

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Come back....hurry!!!!

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