Tuesday, March 27, 2007
"Let's go to the beach tonight...with a bottle of wine" -Office

In between itching by eyes out and suffering through the most violent sneezes known to woman*, I've been thinking of all the things I love about spring.

I love the ping of the metal baseball bats.

I love the sun!

Lots of dresses.

I (seriously) cannot get enough dresses.

I love flip flops!

My soundtrack for Spring? Office: Q & A
Take a listen and fall in looooove. You'll be be-bopping all around...or is that just me? Just me? Okay.

* Our pollen count is over 5,000. 5, 000. Anything over 200 is considered high. 200. I. AM. GOING. TO. DIE.



Blogger Cagney Gentry said...

Though my allergies and your allergies differ in that your allergies are caused by pretty little flowers and mine are caused by the filthiest, evilest, softest, spawns of satan on the planet--kitties....i think that you should invest in some claritin, best results with out the drowsiness. I like your aviators and I think I prefer the crack of a wooden bat.

Blogger Becca said...

The only reason I am still able to function in life right now is because of Claritin...seriously...the pollen around here is out of effing control. And...I like dresses too. :)

Blogger Matthew said...

um...so the baseball elite just took a vote...and your membership has been suspended. METAL BATS!?!?!? come on kmac, you could have just as easily said "the crack of a wood bat". The board is willing to re-consider provided you print a full retraction. That is all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

where is the beach around these parts? a bottle of wine watching the sun depart sounds like the perfect evening with my rhetorical twin:) it would provide the perfect backdrop for our profound discussions.... now, we only need a soundtrack.

Blogger kristen said...

Listen people...i like the crack of a wooden bat as well..but the metal bat takes me back to my wee little days when my dad coached college ball and i would sit in the dugout spitting sunflower seeds.

metal bat=spring=college baseball which is awesome.

i hope the board will reconsider.

twin...maybe we'll have to do poolside. we can gather dirt from the flowers to stand in for sand.

Blogger Matthew said...

i also grew up with the sound of metal bats...The board will take your point under consideration. FYI, got my red sox tickets for several games this year the other day in the mail :) Oh...and for the uber-blogger you are-you should check out the schilling-shuannesy battle thats going on in cyber space right now...its out of control. Shuannesy, laid into him the other day in his newspaper article-totally bashed his blog-then schill started cracking back on the article in his blog.

Blogger Privatjokr said...

Great album choice. Where do you come up with some great music?!?!*

*wasn't that one of the cds I gave ads at xmas? i think it was...otherwise this comment did not go nearly as well as planned.

Blogger kristen said...

yes it was, peter...

...and to give credit where credit is due, you also picked out those dresses.

thanks buddy!

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