Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Some words about place*
It is always weird to return to a place where you used to live. At least it is for me...immediately flooded with good/bad/fun memories at particular locations and with particular people. Winston-Salem is a particularly tricky place for me as the majority of my time spent there was pretty miserable--well not really miserable but I spent a majority of the time wishing I was somewhere else experiencing different things. I was getting adjusted to the south, grad school, being away from my family, the south, the lame-ass town that the 'Dash' was at the time, the south...you get the idea.

But a lot of really great things happened to me as well. I met great people. I finished a degree. I stayed warm and out of the snow. And somewhere along the way, I started to really like Winston. Of course, I didn't realize how much until I was away. But I like that town. I like it even more now that it has actually became a really cool place to live (not that I ever want to live there again...but I like to visit). There is actually a downtown with bars! There is culture!

We hit up the W-S this weekend for some tennis. We also went to a gallery hop where we saw work from my talented sister-in-law, Alison, and her equally talented partner, Cagney. We spent a LOT of time catching up with old friends and eating good food.

Oh! And...um...we hung out with Andy Roddick. See?

Andy and my aforementioned sister-in-law

"Hanging out" may be a slight exaggeration...but I did handle his American Express card and his shots of Grey Goose as I passed them back and forth from the bartender to him. I wasn't actually the biggest fan of Andy this weekend--but that had more to do with his excessive yelling at the ballboys and poor interaction with the crowd during his match and less with his inability to smile in this picture.

I'll post more pictures to my shutterfly soon but like a bad comedic skit, my camera finally died just as we began to do something cool. Bad camera. But I borrowed Alison's so have no fear. Pictures will be posted. Fun will be seen.

* And Andy Roddick



Anonymous Alicia said...

What was Alison's and Cagney's exposition about? Paintings, Photos, Sculpture?

Blogger kristen said...

cagney= film

Blogger alison claire said...

i look like a huge goober

Blogger Lesley said...

haha goober

Blogger Kourtney said...

I am still jealous!!!

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