Thursday, May 10, 2007
Just me being nosey again
Hi. Things are almost back to normal down here. I've successfully completed my classes this semester and now I'm just grading my students' work. And grading. And grading. Nothing like a final paper AND an essay final to get graded in a week. No wonder my students hate me as they had to write them in a week...

I just had to share this little piece of goodness....

I know a lot of you read Postsecret. I heart Postsecret. But I may heart THIS even more.

The Book Inscriptions Project! How fun is it to read personal messages in books?! Very fun.

I don't give nearly enough books as gifts. And I don't write nearly enough clever inscriptions.



Blogger Kourtney said...

It is funny...I never really think to put something inside a book I give as a gift. I have read a couple of Lili's books and they had writings in it and I thought that it was very cute....

I still read the ones the mom did for me for graduations from time to time.

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