Monday, May 28, 2007
Some words about lists
I make a lot of lists. A. LOT. I normally have one or two "To Do" lists going every week. I keep lists of books, movies, music and restaurants I want to check out. Before I travel, I make a list of things I want to bring and all the locations I want to visit. Lately, one of my many [strange] obsessions is to collect the list of books I find in my library books. The lists are made my a previous reader of the book. It is a list that has all the other books the person before me checked out of the library on that day. I've even nudged Drew awake late in the night when I come across one. [He loves it] I find the lists so fascinating. And often I scribble some of the titles in my notebook. What the hell. The person obviously has similar taste. I love looking at their handwriting, the spacing, the comments (couldn't find, look next time...). I think it has something to do with my voyeur tendencies. This seems less intrusive, though, than looking in other people's windows. I think I've a recovering voyeur these days.

My sister in law, Alison, recently told Drew about a book she came across in Borders....a collection of found grocery lists. I was curious, did a google search, and found their blog. Fascinating. They've posted almost 2000 scraps of paper. Love it. I desperately want my grocery list to be found. Desperately. Although, they would probably have to start a new category for mine.

Type A person who misspells EVERYTHING. I organize my lists by aisle [see, type A] but I can't spell and instead of asking Drew how to spell something, I just 'do the best I can' [which inevitably is not very well].



Blogger rhyming_doodle said...

:-) Maybe this is what you need -
Mobile shopping list

Blogger kristen said...

Holy cow--that is FANTASTIC!

Blogger rhyming_doodle said...

You like it too! This program is my life savor. My daughter loves to "update" the list from my phone during the shopping trip!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Blogger Kourtney said... are type A? :)

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