Tuesday, July 31, 2007
More About Books
There are two motives for reading a book: one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it. - Bertrand Russell

A blog I happened upon was discussing whether you can be a true reader and get your books from the library. And I responded with ....ummm, yes. And I wanted to add a "duh" but did not. It actually makes me mad to know that there are readers out there who insist on buying each and every book they want to read. Almost as a status symbol.

Not only can you be a "reader" and still get books from the library, but you SHOULD get books from the library. We need libraries. And we need trees. Considering about 20 million trees are cut down every year for paper products, it is ridiculous to consider there are millions of books that are read once and sit, unused, on shelves.

I have a lot of books. I like books. I like to look at books. I like nice books by my favorite authors. I use books. It is hard for me to do my school stuff without books. But I am a responsible book owner. I get a book from the library, see how much I would use it, and then buy it. If I can buy it used, I will.

Are you feeling guilty yet? Good.

If you MUST buy each and every book you want, please consider this-
http://www.ecolibris.net/ plant a tree for every book you read.

Your future children thank you.



Blogger Sarah said...

My new apt is right across the street from a library and I am super excited!

Blogger Pumpkin said...

Libraries are extremely fabilous places and where I spent a good deal of my childhood....it was a great day when I turned 12 and the amount of books I could take out increased!!! I swear if I lived back home at the moment, I would have my library card so full, my husband would be jealous of it!!!!

ps, could I ask your opinion on the idea that I've put in todays post on my site? I'm just needing some honest opinions, and you are a very intelligent and honest sounding person (Yup, I'm trying compliments here). I'd be gratefull.

Blogger Pumpkin said...

Thank you very much for your honesty, I really appreciate it and the advice. I did say that I would not be buying anything for anyone as I would not be comfortable taking credit card details or bank details from people (too much risk for both parties), but I think you're right about the thining down though.
Again, thanks for taking the time to check it out...I reckon even if it helps in some way whilst I do my phd, it's a good thing.

Blogger Pumpkin said...

Lol...dinnae worry, I'm just glad you had a look at it for me.
Thanks again.

Blogger Privatjokr said...

How does getting books from the library make you "true reader?"

Wouldn't it be contrary to the idea? You want to reap the benefit of the author's hard work but you won't pay to support it?

Blogger kristen said...

That isn't what I said. I said that you can be a true reader and STILL GET books from the library. Library use is not an indictment of people. My argument was that people don't need to buy each and every book they read. Sure, support the authors you like. Support new, young indie authors you want to see grow into somthing. But you don't need to buy a copy of the Hemingway book you are reading to "see if you like Hemingway." You can get it from the lirbary and still be considered a reader. If you appreciate a book upon reading, know you will read it again, want to invest in a nice copy by all means. But you don't need to buy books to be a reader.

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