Thursday, July 26, 2007
Sad Day

News just broke that the head coach of Wake Forest University's basketball team, Skip Prosser, has passed away suddenly.

This is shocking and sad news. It is a huge loss for the WFU community and the NCAA. Just a cursory glance at news about Wake basketball lets you know how important he was to the program and the players. Multiple players from this year's very strong recruiting class told encouraging stories about Skip as a coach, mentor and person. He was the reason many of them came to the school. Multiple coaches have talked about how kind, generous and amazing he was.

While only at WFU for two years, I had the pleasure of running into Skip on two separate occasions. At a local bar and while waiting in line for basketball tickets. During the latter experience, he was handing out donuts to the fans who had long been waiting in line to see his team play. Stories from other friends and WFU fans let me know that I'm not alone in my very positive interactions.

He will be missed by so many people. My heart goes out to his wife, sons and players.


Anonymous drew said...

skip was a perfect representative for wake forest - he was intelligent and always good-spirited - wake was lucky to have such a good person and such a good teacher

Blogger Kourtney said...

I heard about this and instanty thought of is very very sad.

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