Friday, August 24, 2007
Remember the days when I used to blog? Yeah. Me too. I miss those days.

But currently I am preparing for my comprehensive exams--a grueling process which requires me to have two publication ready papers and the ability to defend any and all theoretical perspectives in my field. And I have to do it aloud. In the face of five professors. Awesome. Can't wait.

ANYWAY....instead of thinking of funny and cutting commentary to entertain you all with, I'm stuck in a black hole. A hole that means I put a pot on the stove and forget to turn on the burner. A hole that forces me to spend so much time alone that I start talking to myself. A lot. A whole lot. A hole that looks a lot like a glowing computer screen of endless word documents.

The worst part is that after it is all said and done, I won't have any champagne to celebrate any success I may attain. There is a global shortage of champagne. For those of you who know me outside this virtual world, you know how bad this is. Running. Out. Of. Champagne. OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD. How will I live?

Wish me luck....



Blogger Becca said...

Oh my god! I better stock up on champagne...this is terrible!

Blogger Pumpkin said...

Oh darlin'....seems you have a hell of a lot on your plate right now.....considering you haven't started holding vineyards to ransom for bottles of champagne, I think you're coping admirably.

I can't offer any helpfull advice in regards to the papers that you have to present, but give me an address and I'll ship some champagne over once you're done.....there's a FANTASTIC shop not too far from where I live!

Things can only get better once you've found the blackhole hun, hang in there!

Blogger QuakerDave said...

Thankfully, there is no global shortage of coffee.

THAT would be a catastrophe.

Good luck on your work!

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