Monday, August 13, 2007
Some words about movies
In our ongoing attempt to acclimate to the 21st century, Drew and I finally bit the bullet and joined We've held off because we weren't sure we watched enough movies to justify the cost and we like going to our local, non corporate movie store. But, alas, all standards come crashing down. Now our nights are spent building our queue and debating about television series.

Should we add Fraggle Rock?
...I don' t know. Would we actually watch it? Like sit down and watch all of Fraggle Rock?
....I don't know. Doubt it. But we might as well add it to the list.

We've realized that we have a queue filled with things that we would never, ever, ever pick out in a "real" movie store. Mostly because we'd have to face an actual human while checking out. Oh the freedom that comes without public shame. Our inner nerd is free to surface. We can finally watch all the documentaries we want without the clerk looking sadly at us as we exit the store. We can watch bad t.v. Bad. TV. We can watch movies that we should have seen long ago without the clerk thinking "These people haven't seen this movie yet? Wow. Wow." The service also allows us to have our [somewhat comical somewhat crazy] debates about movies in public. I won't even go into the development of our elaborate ranking system that involves IMDB and other assorted subjective standards.

Thank god for the internets.

But we still like to go to the movies as well. We'll watch the publicly acceptable movies in public. In the theatre. We aren't those people --the people who will "just wait for the movie to come out on video." No. At least not anytime soon.

Although, who am I kidding...eventually I'll be the type of person who never leaves my house. That's the way I envision it anyway. It started innocently enough--pay bills online, get movies in mail, order groceries over the internet and then BAM never leave house again. Sit around making lists and watching Fraggle Rock. Good god. are some good movies on the horizon.
Dan in Real Life
The Darjeeling Limited
Rocket Science
August Rush



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Pumpkin said...

Ach, you're just teasing me now!!!!

Unable to peruse the wonderfully silent shelves of a good library.....I hadn't even thought about all the upcoming films that I couldn't get to see......sheesh...I gotta get back to civilisation soon, I swear!

Until then I'll cope by reading reviews.......incidentally, Fraggle Rock marathons, if done only once a year and with strict breaks for some air in the outside world, are a lot of my friend of a friend of a friend tells me.

Blogger Becca said...

I think you should plan regularly scheduled outings to the movies, grocery, etc. to avoid giving in to those desires to become a weird hermit!

Anonymous cole said...

So, if you decide to live the Blockbuster inspired life, could you at least let sweet lil rhet twin sneak over every now and again for a movie marathon (which will consist of two movies and lots of food and drinking)? That would make your selling out to corporate america (and hence killing lots of hippie babies) worth it for me:).

Holy hell - Ive been out of the blogworld! Got to keep up! Promise to comment more... if you write more. deal?

Blogger kristen said...

the rhet twin is welcome need to watch more movies anyway!

i do need to write more. i've just been so uninspired! thanks for kicking me into shape.

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