Friday, September 21, 2007
America At Home
I never considered myself a homebody. In high school, college and the first couple years of graduate school I loved going out. Meeting people. Spending weekends out and about. Traveling. Exploring. A night in was almost a punishment.

As I've gotten older, those tendencies have decreased. I still love going out and do it a good deal (as my shutterfly account will show). But now I also enjoy being home. Relish the weekends when Drew and I can enjoy our routine. A reward to me is staying in, reading in bed, and relaxing in our home. A movie in rather than out. Breakfast made in our own kitchen and eaten while in our pajamas. I'm not sure when the change started. Or exactly why.

But the theme of this project really resonates with me.

The co-creator of the best-selling A Day in the Life and America 24/7 book series invites you to participate in America at Home, a nationwide photo project, September 17 to 23, 2007. For seven days, everyone in America is invited to join 100 of the nation's leading photojournalists to capture "the emotions of home." The goal of the project is to capture the extraordinary diversity that makes up American family life, representing a broad range of economic, geographic, racial, political, and socially diverse lifestyles.

The Daily Assignments range from Bedtime Rituals and Your Sanctuary. There are some photos on the site and more to come in a book

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