Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Some words about Muslims
I was skeptical when I came across the site A Muslim a Day. The site claims to "keep ignorance away" and seeks to break down negative, monolithic stereotypes of Muslims. The creator (a Muslim American who calls himself hijabman) features pictures and videos of Muslims from different regions engaged in a variety of activities.

My skepticism started to fade as I read the mission statement and looked at the photos. The project does not seek to objectify the Muslims featured. Rather, it seeks to capture the diversity and complexity of this faith. In particular, it does a great job showing the complexity of Muslim women. The women are pictured as subjects, active and often happy! It is a refeshing, complicated look at an identity that is often homogenized and underrepresented.

It is a great project. Super interesting. Check it out and spread the word. Maybe it will keep Islamophobia away!



Blogger HijabMan said...

thanks for the plug, im working hard to get it back to a photo per day :)


Blogger Pumpkin said...

I know this is nothing to do with the post you have written, but it is my b-day today and I'm dropping off virtual cocktails at my favourite blogs and as I remember it, you like your cocktail is a 'blue champagne'......have a brilliant weekend!!!!!

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