Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Feminist Project
I'm pretty much obsessed with this new feminist project-- GIRLdrive. Emma and Nona are road tripping across the United States photographing and interviewing people to understand the current state of US feminism. They just got started this month and are chronicling their adventures on their blog. They write:

This book is about our generation. It’s about gutsy young women across the American cityscape. It’s about the past and the present, and it glimmers on the future. It’s about the promise of the open road. It’s about us—girls with drive who can’t even take a road trip without turning it into a book.

This is interesting on so many levels...

1. I can't wait to see what they capture about US feminism. They are visiting a variety of towns--all sizes, geographic locations and political leanings. I suspect they will get a range of answers. But I'm hoping that there are a few things that stay constant no matter where they're at-women demanding more options, more choice and celebrating all the work that's already been done.

2. I write/research a lot about the power of the Internet for minority communities. Blogs, in particular, are fruitful in allowing a feminist consciousness to surface. So often feminist discourse is shut out of "mainstream" discussion. Really, blogs have become rooms of one's own for feminists. A space to think, advocate and interact. Blogs have been an incredible tool for this new "third wave" of feminism (think Feministing and others). When one browse some of the feminist blogs it is easy to become energized by the blend of "traditional" feminist theory and new, generational activism that takes place. This site is a great example of 2007 consciousness raising.

3. I love how interactive the site is. Nona and Emma post discussion questions, their travel schedule and respond to commenters. They've even added more stops on their tour when asked by curious commenters. Selfishly, I'm going to use their site as a teaching tool in my Women's Studies class. Moreover, it will become an example I turn to when I start a blogging project in my classes next semester. I suspect their project is very empowering to young women.

I encourage you to log in and keep track of their journey.



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