Thursday, October 04, 2007
Trenday Thursday

So I was going to tell you about all these trendy things that I love. But then I remembered I'm not really all that trendy.

But I do love stuff.

Some stuff I'm loving right now? Well thanks for asking....

These freaking Pretzel Crisp things. They are all natural, non fattening, flattened pretzels. Healthy and delish. Right now we have the garlic flavor and I cannot get enough of them.

Cheap-ass glasses. I haven't gotten glasses since my senior year of college. Yes, that was a long time ago. I recently got a new prescription so I've been in search for a good site. And um.....I FOUND IT. Zenni Optical is so cheap I might actually get two pairs! And the glasses are awesome and cute. I have a hard time buying glasses because I have all these hold over self-esteem issues from when I was in second grade and had these enormous plastic frames and people made fun of me hated them. It was not a good look for me. (It should also be noted that I resisted capri's for a long time because they made me flash back to junior high when my pants were always just a little too short for my gangly, weird legs.)

Have you been watching that Dirty, Sexy, Money show? We caught this show last night and LOVED it. So we may be regular watchers. I recommend it. The best part is that they have a transsexual as a regular/main character who isn't a joke! That's right. A serious storyline about someone who defies the gender binary. In general, the characters on this show are super interesting.

Gap has these wide leg pants that are absolutely amazing if you have gangly, weird legs like me. I wish I could wear them everyday. But I don't. But I do wear them a lot. I look snazzy.

Last...and I'm hesitant to mention this one for fear of judgment from my dear internets readers. I. Love. *ahem* Sienna Miller. *cough* I have recently watched Factory Girl and Interview. Miller is in both. And she is fantastic. Especially in Factory Girl. Yes, yes I know she needs to gain about 20+ pounds. And I know that she called Pittsburgh Shitsburgh. But she is very talented. At times she is a bit over the top in Interview but I think that is the result of the movie being a 2 hour dialogue between two people. A very demanding script. WOW. But I cut her some slack because Factory Girl is a little slice of brilliant and I wanted to give her lots of hugs after I watched it.

Ok. You're caught up now.

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Blogger bethany said...

I haven't caught Dirty Sexy Money yet, but wanted to because it has an actor who used to be on sports night. Now I totally will.

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