Monday, October 22, 2007
You know you've had a good weekend when... have tan lines where you smile...

This weekend my beloved Central Michigan played Clemson University. Since I now reside in the southern half of the US, I could easily make it to this game...and I did. Along with about 400 other alum (including my college roomies Maeve and Aaron), Drew and I watched the Chips get pounded by the Clemson Tigers. Even though the score was 70 to 14 (I wish I was exaggerating), we had a blast and I smiled the whole day. I smiled so much that when I got home after the (very) long day in the sun, the only white skin on my face was within the folds of my smile.

That, folks, is a good weekend.

And we're already planning the next one. In a weekend that will surely be titled "when schools collide," CMU plays UGA on September 6, 2008. WATCH OUT WORLD.

One of the few times CMU got to the end zone

Maeve and I were all smiles pretty much all day



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