Friday, November 30, 2007
Kucinich Sells Out?
I wrestle with my Kucinich feelings. On one hand, he is my ideological soul mate. I agree with pretty much every policy argument that comes out of his mouth. He actually embodies a voting option between right and left--the FAR left where I reside.

However, on the other hand, he doesn't stand a chance in hell in being our nominee. And when I see him "perform" in the debates--taking out his cell phone or talking about how he believes in UFO's (so do I but who the heck cares?!?!)--I want to shake him. I think he purposely makes himself seem crazy. I want to remind him that you can be radical without being a radical. You can frame a far left message to the mainstream. But the way to do that is not the Kucinich way.

So. Struggle. Ultimately, I endorse more mainstream candidates.

And, how glad am I that I have not given him a single cent? Um, VERY. VERY GLAD. Especially with his new idea about his running mate. Kucinich suggested on Monday that he would select (crazy, conservative, libertarian) Ron Paul as his running mate. Obviously this isn't going to happen. I know that. Not only will Kucinich not get the nomination but I doubt Paul would agree to the marriage of liberalism and libertarianism. Sure, they are bonded by a common desire to immediately withdrawal our troops. But they are divided on every! other! single! thing!

It is reasonable to be confused to why (if I know this isn't going to happen) I would devote time to complaining about it. The reason is this--Kucinich doesn't get to be THAT guy. The idealist. The hope. The Leftist. He doesn't get to be THAT guy and also be the guy who sells out and picks someone who is his antithesis in order to achieve ONE goal. I get that the war is important. I get that. I am pro-peace/anti occupation. But I am also pro-choice, pro-social programs, pro-taxes. I don't forget my other beliefs simply because I am anti-war. I am against the Right's war on the domestic front. I am anti hate here at home. I thought Kucinich was as well. I was wrong.

At least I don't struggle with my feelings for him any longer.



Blogger Cagney Gentry said...

I have the same exact struggle. It's nice to see you hash it out here so that I can benefit from your own self-therapy. Politics today has become a show. Maybe its not the fault of politics, maybe it is the new form of media that saturates politics. Sound bytes and video segments have become today what pamphlets and stump speeches used to be. Now our politicians have to make an impression with their image rather than their mind.

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