Friday, January 25, 2008
Friday Flicks v. 5
I just consulted with IMDB and realized that I've probably seen about 75% of everything Philip Seymour Hoffman has ever been in. If I discount the early 90's (when I lived in a land free of quality movies*) the percentage is closer to 90. I have a (fairly) unhealthy obsession with him. He is smart, smart, smart. Makes good movies. And is the perfect blend of crass and witty. I've seen two of his movies in the past two weeks. I'm a fan. And while he was nominated for the the Oscar in Charlie Wilson's War, I think his performance in The Savages is more commendable.

The Savages is fantastic. How could it not be? My boy, PSH, gives a fantastic performance and Laura Linney is delightful. The two play self-absorbed siblings brought together to watch over their ailing father. They journey through responsibility, nursing homes and loss. Oh! And they are two crazy-ass writer academic types with more personality quirks than you can count. Not that I could relate or anything....

The movie wasn't perfect. At times the writing is a bit snobby and proud of itself. But the relationship between Hoffman and Linney is a joy to watch. Linney agrees and claimed yesterday on Oprah that she owes 1/3 of her Oscar to Hoffman. The two of them light up the screen and found the perfect balance of sibling rivalry and love. The dialogue is real and devoid of cliche emotional appeals. Drew felt it was maybe devoid of emotion but I dug it. I 100% agree with the screenplay nomination the film received.

To you folks in the ATH, you can watch it at Cine on Monday night for only $6. A total steal!

* That land was northern Michigan

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