Tuesday, January 29, 2008
I-Tues v. 5
As we left the show on Sunday night, Drew commented that he just had one of his best nights in Athens. It was quite a claim. But we had quite a time. We had attended NPR's Athens 441 at the Melting Point. A radio show that showcases good music. The show is taped the last Sunday of every month and airs a few weeks later on 14 or so NPR stations. The first installment featured Mike Doughty! This is cool for so many reasons. First, I love NPR. I'm not sure if that's weird or not. But trust me when I say that I get down with talk radio. Second, the Melting Point is an amazing place to watch a show. Good food, great atmosphere, comfortable seating, and intimate surroundings. It is incredible. If you live in the ATH and haven't been there before, shame on you. Third, Mike Doughty is awesome. I went through a very big Mike Doughty phase last year about this time. I've written about him before on this blog. I love his stuff. He is super political and clearly smart because as far as I can tell we see eye to eye on politics. As an aside, he also sings a song about Tremendous Brunettes which earned him my undying respect because this world needs more songs about brown hair.

But Doughty wasn't the only great thing about the evening. The local band that played was great as well. You can find them on Myspace. Give them a listen. The female lead singer is a cross between Regina Spektor and Lisa Loeb. Chris Barron also played. If you're like me, you're thinking "who is this Chris Barron guy and why does everyone seem to know who he is except me?" And then someone will say "oh, the guy from the Spin Doctors..." And you'll be like "oh. right."

The first time I remember being conscious of the Spin Doctors was in the 6th grade. Their song, Little Miss Can't Be Wrong, was popular and I would change the words to say "little miss, little miss, little mis PMS" because I'm clever like that. Sexist lyrics were pretty much the extent of my fandom. true story. Anyway, when I found out Chris Barron was putting on a show in Athens, I was like "huh?" But he was opening for Mike Doughty so I was all like "whatever....he's probably decent." People, he is better than decent. He was amazing. Charmingly awkward. He cannot dance or really move in any way that is publicly acceptable. But he can sing. And he apparently is a great song writer because his songs were great.

It was a great night. Fantastic music in a great venue.

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Clever...yes you are very clever :)

I am still jealous that you say Mike Doughty!!!

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