Tuesday, January 22, 2008
I'm Pro-Choice and I Blog (and vote)
Blog for Choice Day

I'm answering NARAL's question--why do you vote pro-choice?

I vote pro-choice because:

1. I love women and I want them to reach their full potential. For many, that means not becoming mothers.

2. I support motherhood and women's ability to choose when to become one.

3. I understand mistakes happen, condoms break, birth control pills get skipped and people get raped.

4. I know that the government does not provide enough resources to women to take care of themselves--let alone a child.

5. "Life" can exist in a pro-choice world but "choice" can't exist in one that is pro-life.

6. Women should come before fetuses.

7. I refuse to buy into the mass media (and right wing) accounts of irresponsibility and carelessness. Abortion rates are not a "problem." Women do not "use abortion as birth control." Women who choose abortion are not "ruined."

8. I can put myself in the shoes of a woman with an unplanned pregnancy.

9. Being a pro-choice politician is a sign of other pro-woman philosophies.

Why do you vote pro-choice? And if you don't vote...shame on you.

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Blogger QuakerDave said...

"Life" can exist in a pro-choice world but "choice" can't exist in one that is pro-life.

Excellent motto: kinda sums it up.

And see, as a man, I CAN'T put myself in the shoes of someone facing an unplanned pregnancy. And I should not even try.

Blogger Matt said...

Do you hate Ron Paul because he thinks abortion rights should be a state issue, not determined by the feds? And are pro-life stances (or pseudo pro-life stances like Paul's) a deal-breaker for you in a candidate?

Blogger kristen said...

I don't "hate" Ron Paul but I certainly don't agree. I don't think this is a state issue...there needs to be a national standard so that some women in certain states don't suffer more than others. AND I'm concerned with crazy states (South Dakota) charging women who have abortions in other states...not even sure if that is a legitimate concern.
Also, it bothers me that Paul is a OBGYN and still only "pseudo" pro-choice. I don't understand how that can be. But obviously if a "republican" is going to be in office, I'd prefer it to be Paul rather than Huckabee or some crazy, woman-hater who wants to amend the constitution.

In terms of deal-breaker issues, that is a a tough one. Growing up, I mercilessly made fun of people where I grew up for being single issue voters. Many people up there are single issue voters because they are PRO-LIFE. I tend to think this is ignorant as for the most part they are voting pro-life OVER their economic interests. However, I really can't imagine a world in which I don't vote for an overtly pro-choice candidate. So maybe I am no better than the conservative single-issue voters.

At my most dogmatic, I get pretty pissed off at people who claim to be "pro choice" and vote republican....I think anti choice is anti woman.

Upon further reflection, though, I don't think I am single issue. I think being a pro-choice candidate really does stand for other pro-woman positions.

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