Thursday, January 24, 2008
The year I become a morning person
I've mentioned before how I feel about mornings (not fond) and how well Drew and I function in the early hours (not well). Every year Drew and I resolve to "be better in the morning." We will get up. We will be nice. We will read the news like civilized beings. We will! We will! We will! But then we don't. And we know we won't. Until this year. Yes, folks, 2008 is the year of the mornings. But we can't take all the credit, we have help. We have the Krups Grinder-Coffee Maker. And it is magical. Behold....

One of the nicer things in our kitchen, the coffee maker is making mornings a teeny bit easier. We've been morning functional for about a week now. We utilize the aroma feature and every morning we hear the faint sound of the grinder and smell a little bit of very fresh cocoa bean heaven float up the stairs. Yesterday at dinner Drew actually said he (get ready) liked the morning routine so far. Who can blame him? We begin the day like civilized adults. 2008 is one crazy year.

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