Saturday, March 08, 2008
You Probably Didn't Know....
Inspired by this one and this one. Also? A desperate attempt to prove I'm not as cliche as this one makes me sound....

...Live concerts unnerve me because music is played in a different order than one finds on the cd. It normally takes me until the first chorus to stop humming the song my memory tells me is supposed to be playing.

I'm desperate to find myself on the pages of a novel, the canvas of a painting or the lyrics of a song. A muse of sorts. But I know I'd secretly feel betrayed by the violation of my privacy.

In a perfect example of my impatience, I've burnt rings in the bottom of my dutch oven because I turned the heat up too high. The instructions clearly told me not to cook above medium heat. It gives it character, says Drew. It gives it my character, says me.

I can't stand the red and green color combination. I decorate for the Christmas season in silver and blue. In fact, most holiday color combinations are hideous. People lose all sense when it comes to holidays.

I like the way people look when they have their hands in their pockets. It charms me.

I can drink hot drinks year round but only eat ice cream when its warm outside. I eat ice any chance I get. It is a horrible habit.

I'm beginning to like Jon and Kate Plus 8 more than LA Ink. TLC programming is perhaps linked to stages of life. Just a new theory Drew and I are working on....

I don't like socks, tight shoes, or carpet. I can't think when my feet are restricted. I'm skeptical of people who wear socks to bed. It seems they're just asking for a night of taunted sleep.

I obsess about the color of my lips. I over-exfoliate, use more than a dime-size of moisturizer, shampoo everyday and don't floss enough. I'm okay with that.

I like to talk to strangers. It always makes me think of my grandfather.

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Blogger bethany said...

Once a guy gave me a poem he wrote that i was in. I was smitten. But it was also a little weird.

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