Tuesday, April 22, 2008
I-Tues v. 11 Concert Edition
Some of the regulars got together Thursday night.

We got a little crazy in the ATH. But we had a special guest with us all night....


Yes, folks. The big day finally arrived and we attended:

And it was awesome. My dear feminist friend, Neko, had a broken leg. And we totally lucked out and saw her last show before she left the tour. I'm pretty sure she performed in the ATH just for me. Just a feeling I have... She was so incredible. It is hard to say she was the highlight as the whole band is so fantastic. But, um, she was the highlight.

The show was amazing. Almost 2 hours of a straight set. There was no talking. No introductions. No warm and fuzzy stuff. There was just singing. It was glorious. They didn't even leave the stage for an encore. Nope. They just kept on singing and told us they just assumed we would want one. And we would have. But they saved us the time.

One of the best shows I've seen in Athens. I love the GA Theater. I love the New Pornographers. I love Neko Case.

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Blogger Blake said...

You were there?!? So were Erin and I! It was a great concert! I'm glad you had fun too!

Blogger kristen said...

Get out!!!!

We were up in the balcony. I can't believe we didn't run into ya'll!

Blogger Blake said...

Ah...we were on the floor fairly close to the stage, which might explain why we missed each other. Ok, in the future we'll coordinate this stuff better.

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