Friday, May 16, 2008
Friday Flicks v. 6
I've seen some good movies lately. Perhaps you need some movies to watch this summer....

May I recommend:

Dedication: Many Moore and Billy Crudup. Charming romantic movie. The characters had just enough quirks to make them believable and likable. A tad predictable but an enjoyable two hours just the same.

Across the Universe: I may be the only person who hadn't yet seen this movie. I finally watched it and felt like I was in awe the entire time. This movie is not for everyone. But if you like musicals and theatrical movies, it will not disappoint. Great performances from the entire cast. It reminded me a lot of Moulin Rouge which is my favorite film so how could I not swoon? And now I have a huge crush on Jim Sturgess so there's that.

Things We Lost in the Fire: Depressing as all hell. But also beautiful in this melancholy kind of way. I was so-so on the movie until the end. I loved the ending. It was the perfect ending. I watched it with a friend who remarked that she was surprised how it ended. We were both happy that it was surprising yet perfect.

Some movies you can skip....I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With and Introducing the Dwights. Both horrible. You'll hate yourself after watching one or both.

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