Monday, May 12, 2008
Holy Mother of God
I was perusing PaperCuts this afternoon and came across their review of the 10 Books that Screwed Up the World: And 5 Others that Didn't Help by Benjamin Wiker.

Wiker, nice privileged white male that he is, gave honorable mention to The Feminine Mystique. Yes. That Feminine Mystique. The onethatchangedthecourseoffreakinghistory. That one.

Must be nice. Must be nice to live with your wife and seven children in rural Ohio and claim that that the Feminine Mystique screwed up the world.

Feel free to send e-mails to the guy....

Maybe include some of the highlights of the book:
1. It debunked the popular notion that all women would be happier at home with babies and a traditional, heterosexual marriage
2. It gave women an identity outside of marriage and motherhood
3. It created a sense of commonality among (middle to upper class) women who were feeling restless and unfulfilled

Perhaps Wiker levels a class charge against Friedan. Perhaps he's all like "Friedan you are so second-wave and you don't speak for the experience of all women so back off."

...But I doubt it.



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