Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Wherein I remember I have a blog
And I write things....

While I generally don't like to apologize for slacking on projects that are optional (like this blog), I do regret my lengthy absence. I've had a conference to attend, a home state to return to, a dissertation to write, and leisure to enjoy. Really, I'm spent. But I have found some blogging motivation. Aren't we all excited?

A couple things.....

1. I adore this charming post over at Paper Cuts about things found in books. They report on the things booksellers have discovered in books, from a letter by C.S. Lewis to a baby’s tooth to Mickey Mantle’s rookie baseball card to thousand dollar bills. I just use a plain ole bookmark and post-it tabs. I'm practical and boring. I'm also poor.

2. MSNBC is doing a Veepstakes. They have picked the 32 most likely VP candidates for each party, seeded them, and we get to pick our bracket. Drew and I are LOVING this. The first round of the Democratic Party is up but don't get too excited, you have to wait a week for the next round. Very fun. Plus, it gives you lots of names to research and talk about in your political circles.

3. Great op-ed from the NYT last week about "Hillary's Next Campaign." Anna Holmes argues (quite persuasively) that it should be actively working against sexism and racism. I've been complaining for quite some time that I would have liked to have seen Clinton really address some of the double binds she faced. Don't only use sex/gender as a talking point when it serves you well. Use sex/gender when it doesn't and openly confront the sexism, patriarchy and misogyny that exists. Obama should do that as well but that's another post.

4. I've been doing quite a bit of reading. You should become my Goodreads friend and check it out.

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Anonymous quakerdave said...

Hey, it sounds like you actually have a LIFE! Go figure.

Me, I use old concert and game tickets as bookmarks, especially the stubs for shows and games I really enjoyed. But yeah, sometimes they end up at the library still in the book.

As for Sen. Clinton, maybe she'd like a stint on the Supreme Court. Seems to me she could do some pretty good work there...

Blogger Matt said...

CNN has some decent analysis about why Obama should seek our Al Gore to be VP again. Thoughts?

Blogger kristen said...

Well, I wouldn't hate it....that's for sure. I think J. Carville has been touting Gore pretty hard. A couple things:

1. Has Gore even endorsed Obama?! Would he even want a VP nod? Survey says no. I just don't think he wants it (even if Obama wants him) so I can't get my hopes up.

2. Obviously on this blog, Gore has much love. But I loved him in 2000. I've never thought of him as boring or elitist or bad for the party. I think I'm in the minority. I just don't think Gore brings enough to the ticket in terms of popularity (especially in the purple states)

3. Gore is a total badass right now. He is getting so much accomplished. I hate to see elected office get in the way of that.

So I guess my bottom line is that I think Gore is better used in some other capacity. And that makes me sad because I want Al Gore to be president....

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