Tuesday, August 05, 2008
I-Tues v. 14
I am obsessed with this album. It is the perfect blend of indie and folk. Great lyrics. Awesome accompaniment. And I love a good female vocalist. The album has it all. Really. Zooey Deschanel couldn't be any cooler if she tried.

Give She & Him a little listen.

**Hat tip to Matt and Cagney for giving me the recommendation**

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Blogger Jessica said...

I've been in love with it since the day I got it. I listened to it 8 times that first day!

Anonymous Kelsey said...

Zooey Deschanel is my idol. I love everything she does. This has been on my 'To Buy' list for a long time. Hopefully I'll get a chance to purchase it soon.

I could really use music advice from someone like you. I listened to the tracks your post linked to, and wow. I always have my head in books, or I'm reading, or working, or taking care of the house or going to grad school. I know so little about music. But this one? Sounds like a keeper.

Blogger kristen said...

Music and books are the perfect compliment!

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