Tuesday, August 19, 2008
I-Tues v. 15
What Made Milwaukee Famous? Beer, probably. And a really cool museum.

And, tangentially, this band. Even though they're from Austin. Texas.

What Made Milwaukee Famous. Strange, bulky, midwestern name. But awesome music.

I can't get enough of Sultan and Self Destruct.
Grab a PBR and take a listen.

Also, I made another mix tape. Check it out!

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Blogger Matt said...

Great mix tape. I especially enjoy the inclusion of The National! What are your thoughts on them?

Blogger kristen said...

I like them! I resisted for a long time fearing they were total hipster cliche. BUT now I am hooked. Smokey and sexy...totally awesome. You like them?

Blogger Matt said...

Yeah, I love them. Which album did you get? If you can track down a copy of 'Cherry Tree', do it. Their song "Wasp Nest" is pretty much amazing.

A snippet of it is here:

Blogger Dave said...

i have mixes!

Blogger kristen said...

About time DC!

I'm using them as my workday soundtrack!

Blogger Nicole said...

Once upon a time, there was this blog that I frequented...and it brought much joy into my life. Where, oh, where has that dear blog gone?

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