Monday, August 04, 2008
A little bit of nerdiness
In case you need proof of my nerdiness.....

Drew and I decided to bet a date night on the Veepstakes race. We each came up with a top five list for McCain and Obama. 5 points if our first place is chosen, four for the second, so on and so on. Whoever has the most points gets to pick the date night. If neither of us gets any points, we don't deserve a date night. Our picks are below. I encourage you to do this with your loved ones. Nothing says family bonding like picking Vice Presidential candidates.

1.Tim Pawlenty
2.Mitt Romney
3. Charlie Crist
4.Bobby Jindall
5. Sarah Palin
1. Wesley Clark
2. Kathleen Sebelius
3. Jim Webb
4. Evan Bayh
5. Brian Schweitzer

1. Mitt Romney
2. Rob Portman
3. Charlie Crist
4. Tim Pawlenty
5. Sarah Palin
1. Sherrod Brown
2. Brian Schweitzer
3. Evan Bayh
4. Joe Biden
5. John Edwards

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Blogger Matthew said... links to the DNC. Not so much for similar mixing and matching of other VP candidates. Coincidence?

Blogger Privatjokr said...

Come on Drew. I hope he wins. I would not want him to have to enjoy a night on the town, just him, his lady and two tickets to the Vagina Monologues.

Blogger kristen said...

MZ: I will be SO disappointed if B gets the nod. He's so moderate and lame. I don't see a lotta "change" with him

PJ: Ha. That did make me laugh. But I think we'll be attending some sort of beatnik poetry reading. *snaps*

Blogger Matthew said...

I hear ya. He is rather lame. I'm actually starting to miss Hill's a bit--I think I may need her in my daily life to be completely happy.

Blogger kristen said...

I just keep telling myself that if it was going to be Bayh, he would have announced in IN yesterday.

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