Sunday, August 17, 2008
A Little Sunday Reading v. 15
My leisure reading has slowed considerably as the dissertation work has picked up, so no book reviews. But here are some fun bookish links from around the web.

Photographer André Kertész's On Reading has been re-released. The collection features individual readers in every imaginable location. The New York Times takes a peek at some of the images. Totally dreamy.

The First Book organization asks "What Book Got You Hooked?" Their website has lots of charming answers from all kinds of people. Great organization, great question. For me, Charlotte's Web turned me into a reader and The Babysitter's Club inspired me to write. I wrote my first story in 4th grade. It was loosely based on my favorite BSC character--Claudia. Since then I've been inspired by countless authors and books. And, I'm pretty sure, my writing style has evolved accordingly!

The great blog Critical Mass asked reviewers what books they reviewed over the summer. They also talk about books they're still looking forward to reading. Lots of great suggestions. What was the best book you read over the summer? I've read some great favorite reads this summer were Scott Spencer's Endless Love and Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. Be my goodreads friend. Do it!

Happy weekend everyone!

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Blogger bethany said...

I read a lot of baby sitters club and tried to write in that style as a kid too. I honesty couldn't tell you what the first book that hooked me was, though. Maybe my parents know.

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