Tuesday, September 16, 2008
I-Tues v. 16
I've made no secret that I love living in the ATH. One of the main reasons is the incredible music we get in this sleepy town. There is so much music here that we miss most of it. Unfortunately, the town is geared toward young people who can go to concerts during the week. Normally, we have a strict NO WEEK NIGHT SHOW rule. It is strict, I tell ya. But D and I have agreed to break our rule. For a week straight. Yes. That's right. We are going to an entire week of concerts. We are naughty adults.

Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce you to Rock-Tober
Monday, Sept 29 - Mason Jennings at 40 Watt
Tuesday, Sept 30 - Fleet Foxes at GA Theatre
Wednesday, Oct 1 - Old 97s at GA Theatre
Thursday, Oct 2 - Avett Brothers at GA Theatre
Friday, Oct 3 - Modern Skirts at 40 Watt

To continue the month of rock, we're also headed to Atlanta on October 17th to see....wait for it...RYAN ADAMS!

To all my Athens peeps, please come along! To all the rest of you, check out all these lovely artists and have your own Rock-Tober!

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Anonymous cupcake said...

Rules are made to be broken. What a great reason to break yours. Rock on with your bad selves and have a blast. I'd love to hear how awesome Old 97s is.

Blogger Nicole said...

I think I might have to join... if you can stand another several hours with me after our mammoth road trip to and from the rhetorical promise land...

Blogger Blake said...

Okkervil River is also playing at the 40 Watt on 10/2. They are definitely good times.

Blogger kristen said...


Okkervil River has organized something with Bike Athens that involves a community bike ride to the concert! How fun! I want to support it but need to attend Av Brothers on Thursday (they also play Friday although I think it is sold out) to free up my Friday night for THE MODERN SKIRTS' CD RELEASE CONCERT :)

Are you guys up for any other concerts this week?

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