Thursday, October 02, 2008
I'm concerned....

I am a literal person. But, on occasion, I enjoy symbolism. I think symbolism can be powerful and effective. Except! Except! in images like these....The image campaign is from Declare Yourself--a voter registration group targeting young people to vote. The provocative pictures are accompanied by a headline that says "only you can silence yourself." And, I get it. In theory. I get that not voting means not having a say in the future. Except....women aren't the only ones who can silence themselves. Sexism silences women. Patriarchy silences women. Violence silences women.

The pictures mimic violence. And, perhaps worse, they normalize it. These pictures should be disturbing. And not because they makes us think of voter registration or political apathy.

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Blogger Nicole said...

Super scary!

Blogger Andi said...

Wow, I haven't seen these. Not sure how I missed them. Very disturbing.

Blogger Kourtney said...

Can anyone say rhet crit???

Anonymous quakerdave said...

I saw that second image elsewhere and it bugged the heck out of me.

Funny how us liberals can sometimes forget the bigger picture, as in the one we're supposedly trying to change.

Kinda like PETA using naked women to protest eating meat. Or wearing fur. "Let's exploit a human being so we don't exploit animals."


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