Tuesday, December 16, 2008
I-Tues v. 17
Are you in the mood for some guitar, piano and banjo music? How about ridiculously strong vocals and awesome lyrics? Yes?

You must download some Avett Brothers ASAP, then.

I had heard some Avett Brothers stuff before this year but I wasn't always the biggest fan. They were a bit too heavy for me. Noisy like. However, their two most recent albums are so fantastic and different and awesome that I can't stop listening to them. We saw them live in October and they put on an incredible show which made me like them even more. They are dreamy. In a rugged, alt country, folk kinda way.

You need to start clicking away on itunes and buy Emotionalism and The Second Gleam. Too much?

Well, download these....
I Would Be Sad
Die, Die, Die
Weight of Lies
Murder in the City

And you'll like them so much you'll be back for more. Guarantee it.

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