Sunday, March 12, 2006
I'll take any readers I can get
My favorite feature of my blogger Site Meter is the "referral" page. This is the page which tells you how visitors found your site. Mostly, my hits come from other blogs which link to mine. However, a fair number come from various internet searches (especially with the Google Blog feature). For the most part, it is entertaining to see what search terms brought visitors to your site. Mostly, the search terms that lead to my site are related to politics or movies. The past couple weeks have brought people looking for information about "Barack Obama" and "girlcotts." I even had a google search for my full name. Is someone looking for me? Anyway, these searches make sense.....

But sometimes the search terms are....a tad weird. And by weird I mean disturbing. I thought I had the weirdest experience way back in November when someone searching for "anal rapist" landed on my post about Arrested Development. It's funny...check it out! (let's just say that person probably didn't find the information they were looking for). But today, I was perusing my site meter and found two interesting searches:

kirsten lesbian love stories
kristen panties michigan

So, "kirsten lesbian love stories" and "kristen panties michigan," WELCOME. I hope you found the site helpful.


Anonymous peter said...

Wait until you get your first "free preteen boys sex movies" search hit. That will really mess with your head. What on Earth could be on my site that makes it a result in a search for that?!?!?!

I did just realize now that you will hit that exact phrase in search engines now that I typed it in your comments...weird.

Blogger quakerdave said...

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Blogger Matt said...

Its amazing the crazy things you can find when searching for a certain person's name.

And when I say crazy things, I really mean crazy people. Wait. I think "freaky people" is a much better phrase.

Anonymous Kourt said...

I will be sure to let you know the craziest thing I can come up with that links to your sight...I am curious now :)

Anonymous BillyD said...

Wait, so there's no lesbian panty love stories??

Blogger quakerdave said...

And your readers miss you.

Blogger Katherine said...

I have had mostly good experiences with Sitemeter. Nothing too terribly creepy. The first day I had it, someone found me by searching "vacuuming babes." I was actually kinda proud of that one! (I'd written about Babes in Toyland and about the Dyson.) It is a little too addictive, especially since now you can check outclicks, too!

Anonymous peter said...

According to my site stats, I am now receiving hits for "pictures of aliens inserting probes into beautiful women."

The scarier part is actually that when you look at the yahoo results for that...I'm the SIXTH search result.

Hey, I'll take what I can get, right?!

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