Saturday, April 15, 2006
The Grocery Store Revisited
So we decided to give the very UN self-service grocery store another go today....

...the same thing happened. Different worker but same (unwanted) help with unloading the cart. Even Drew tried to protest the help today but to no avail.... As the woman was scanning our (out of order) groceries she looked at our purchases, said them aloud, looked at me and asked "what I was cooking for Easter dinner..." I was too stunned to answer so Drew jumped in and said we were going to our friends' house (which we are). But I wanted to say "look, lady, if I want to make ground turkey for Easter dinner, I WILL..."* (I was still unnerved by a stranger touching my groceries and was a tad reactionary).

K: "The people in this grocery store are very nosey"
D: "They're just being nice."
K: "Nice people are weird."

* but I didn't say this because the woman was actually sweet and (I think) meant well


Anonymous Kourt said...

I am telling everyone I judge tomorrow that I could not pick them to be number one b/c Jesus is number one and then put some jesus song on their ballot....

Blogger kristen said...

jesus song, huh? is that the official name?

Anonymous Kourt said... is called that and it is a song performed by the group called Bible Thumpers

Blogger quakerdave said...

I really like friendly folks at retail establishments. I worked a LOT of retail going through school, and it is rotten, lousy work, on many days. The public can be a real pain.

BUT, I really do get a bit creeped out by folks behind the counter who talk to me about my food purchases.

Can't explain it, don't like it. It's like scanner stalking or something.

Anonymous Kourt said...

A little less grocery shopping and a little more updates :)

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