Friday, August 04, 2006
A few of my favorite things v. 2
I like weird things...I like weird things A LOT. Remember?

Foaming soap
Using these plastic ice cubes that are shaped like footballs (we bought them for football season but I've just started using them year round...I pretty much refuse to use regular ice cubes)
Little notebooks
Dusting and doing laundry
Freshly washed rugs and all the little rug things are standing up properly
Buying school supplies


Anonymous Kourt said...

um...little rug things???

Blogger bethany said...

oh man! everytime I go to target I want to buy markers. Even though I won't use them.

Anonymous sarah said...

yea that was all pretty normal but umm the little rug things so you literally get down on your knees and make them all lay out...that is really really weird:)

Blogger Matt said...

Do you brush your rugs?

Blogger kristen said...

OK...listen. I wash my rugs (A LOT) so that the rug things stand up and look fresh. I may or may not prefer that no one step on the rugs....i think i've only gotten down a "fixed" a rug like once. okay...twice. maybe three times. but no more.

Anonymous Kourt said...

Wouldn't it be easier to just not have a rug since we can't walk on them any way??!

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